Fund4Kids is a social welfare charity registered in the United States (USA) and United Kingdom (UK) wholly established to generate, invest and manage philanthropic funds for the welfare and humanitarian relief of poor and disadvantaged children in West Africa, who are faced with the social and human security threats associated with child poverty, especially hunger, malnutrition, child labour, sicknesses or diseases, food insecurity, internal displacement, homelessness, educational deprivation and other related socio-economic disadvantages.

Fund4Kids uses both online and physical donor-fundraising platforms in sourcing and generating philanthropic funds for the relief and welfare benefits of socially disadvantaged and vulnerable children in West Africa. In addition to its social enterprise engagements, Fund4Kids utilizes various donor-fundraising streams to generate funds and these sources include grants, donations, charity fundraising events and sales of products and services.

Charity fundraising events and sales of products and services offered by Fund4Kids cut across key sectors, which include food and beverage, fitness and wellness, beauty care, tourism, hospitality, entertainment, healthcare, education, leisure and business travels, among others. Fund4Kids works with fundraising volunteers, donors, technical and other financial partners around the globe.